• Dress waist models in order to spread fluffy karen millen skirt , sexy waistline show up ! Immaculate small white flowers densely scattered on the dress , consisting of a pair of fresh picture , as if back in the spring , sweeping away the autumn depression. Good version of type along the curve sketched exhausted, long-sleeved knit stitching will have warm , so dress Slim and warm , just create your own beautiful, autumn flowers are not lonely. Pure touch of red as sunset horizon , revealing crushing light, shrouded in people around, charming ineffable . In addition folded at the waist , and then fold to create a fluffy effect , extend the three-dimensional. Pearl neckline crystal clear , has become a major highlight of the whole karen millen skirt .

    Even in winter , black and white are the main colors in the workplace is still gray , representing the mature , showing their graceful OL temperament . Mainly black and gray , with dark tones in favor of shaping the body was thin , crisp concise version of the type , stitching leather texture is very personalized long-sleeved , into handsome taste. At first glance it extremely delicate karen millen coasts , perfect tailoring it looks almost no flaws, convex, curvy , feminine full . Meanwhile, the effort is more details on the place of mystery and seduction black lace , spread from the collar to the sleeve , a little embellishment on the skirt, it is not very sexy ?

    Childhood , we are eager to grow up, wearing her mother's high heels to steal , steal wipe her mother's lipstick , and now, really grow up , they remembered from our childhood , leaving stubborn doll collar , decorated in the woolen dress with lace cuffs echoes , as people unforgettable. No matter how old we grow to , in the eyes of their parents , and always wearing a floral skirt little princess , was attentive care of . Dress in warm thick section of a certain degree of practicality, hollow embroidery reveals Smart, let karen millen dresses infinite beauty , things take a woolen coat can be.

    Filled with Baroque style karen millen dress with you with a taste of the exotic , unique fabric texture showing a different kind , mysterious and attractive flower and bird designs , colorful , very beautiful , showing another form of fashion journey. Want to turn heads yet ? That 's it ! Vest, skirt , winter with a good helper, has been riding for many years , is still firmly in place in the fashion world . The most wild ride a black shirt, can reflect a thick woolen and honest . Simple and neat single-breasted , tweed very warm, it is so simple and beautiful.

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